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Community Guidelines


We’re glad you’re here!

holi is a place where real civic engagement happens - in a safe and welcoming environment. We have set some rules in our Community Guidelines that we believe will help us all along the way.

We want to point out one important thing from the start:

We are inherently a platform for everyone. However, in order to prevent discrimination, we exclude those who actively treat others with intolerance. We are aware that holi's users hail from different contexts, use different words, pay attention to different things - and that therefore boundaries may be (unintentionally) crossed and hurtful behavior may quickly occur. We therefore urge you to pay attention to the context when you create content and Spaces: always stay lawful and respectful of others.

Our guiding principles

  • holi is diverse. Stay friendly and tolerant.

  • We create impact in real life. Be authentic on holi, too.

  • Together we’re working towards for a livable future. Stay constructive and solution-oriented.

  • Stay legal!

These principles are explained in more detail below.

If you see our policies being violated, you feel uncomfortable, or are simply unsure about something you come across, you can report content directly or contact us.

We are still at the beginning. We simply don't have the answers to some topics or questions (yet), and we don't always want to decide amongst ourselves what is "right" and "wrong". holi is a growing platform, and in order to remain actionable in the future, we will evaluate our Community Guidelines regularly and adjust them if necessary.

👉 Do you want to have a say? Contact us at and become part of our co-creation community.

How we imagine great interaction

holi is diverse, friendly and tolerant.

An appreciative and respective culture of discussion will lead to constructive discourse. We understand the exchange of different opinions and perspectives as an enrichment for social-ecological transformation and would like to create an emphatic and discrimination-sensitive space for this.

  • To create a welcoming space for all, and to facilitate the clearest and most effective communication possible, we encourage you to practice non-violent communication.

  • Remain open and curious to new perspectives without making assumptions about others.

  • Harassment, bullying, stalking, and threats of violence of any kind are expressly not permitted. Discriminatory language or actions that reproduce social power structures related to gender, gender identity and expression, racialization, religion, culture, class, sexual orientation, body, appearance, disability, chronic and mental illness, age, or other diversity characteristics will not be tolerated. Spaces and users who incite violence or instigate hatred based on identity or vulnerability will be blocked and related content will be removed.

We create impact in real life. Be authentic on holi, too.

holi has one goal: to support real impact. On holi we want to foster trusting relationships between real people, which also means that there needs to be a certain level of transparency.

  • We ask you to use your real name and explicitly request that you do not impersonate another person or group.

  • Reflect on your own behavior in the digital space: would I act/speak this way if the person I was talking to was facing me in real life?

  • Only create Spaces if you are personally affiliated with the initiative you’re creating the Space for and make sure that you have internal permission.

  • Make sure you have copyright and explicit permission to publish content, especially images that depict people. Content that infringes on the trademark or copyright of others will be removed.

  • We strive to make holi a spam-free environment. Please only post content that is relevant to the discussion and is constructive. We will remove content that is considered and flagged as spam.

Together we’re working towards a livable future. Stay constructive and solution-oriented.

We value and foster an environment of trust and openness at holi. Diverse perspectives and a wide range of expertise are respected and integrated. We place our trust in all of you and firmly believe that by working together, we can create an inclusive and participatory ecosystem.

  • Own up to your own mistakes. That means taking responsibility and moving forward wiser.

  • "See something, say something" - We encourage you to report content that violates the Community Guidelines.

  • Your space, your responsibility - please ensure a positive interaction within your own space(s) and base your moderation on our guidelines. If you're unsure or need assistance, we're here to help. Reach out to us at or message us directly in the chat.

  • holi has been developed in close collaboration with various partner organizations and continues to evolve in that mode. If you would like to contribute to the platform's development, become a holi Co-Creator. Just reach out to us through this form - we'll get in touch with you!

Stay legal!

  • Any terrorist, extremist or hate groups are banned from holi. There is zero tolerance for content that promotes or legitimizes violent extremism, terrorism, or human exploitation.

  • It is strictly prohibited to initiate or conduct illegal and prohibited activities on holi (including promoting criminal activities and facilitating or participating in cybercrime; buying, selling or facilitating the sale of illegal or regulated products).

Our moderation principles

Our moderation follows the principles outlined above. In order to maintain an interdisciplinary, diverse space that ensures the mental and physical integrity of our users, we consistently enforce our rules through active moderation.

⚠️ Any behavior, activity, content, person, or group that violates our Community Guidelines may be sanctioned (e.g., removed), either temporarily or permanently.

Personal boundaries differ from individual to individual. If a boundary violation is reported to us, we trust the sensibilities of the person involved. In doing so, we prioritize the safety of people with experiences of discrimination over the comfort of privileged individuals.

We want to create a platform where mistakes are understood as part of personal and societal growth on the path to a more just future. Therefore, we encourage our community to learn from their mistakes and evolve. This also means recognizing that holi does not operate in isolation from existing social power structures and that we need to take responsibility for how we deal with them. Reflecting on the (often privileged) positions from which we act and speak is a process that we are constantly working on.


And since our attorney recommends that we state some of the most important issues in a clear manner, here are some additional points to consider.

holi: Terms for the usage of holi Beta

The following terms and conditions ("Terms of Use") govern the use of the beta version of the service "holi" ("Service"). The provider of the Service is Holi Moli GmbH, Eifflerstraße 43, 22769 Hamburg ("We"). By registering, you, the user, agree to the Terms of Use.

  1. Limited functionality. No warranty: Based on the terms of use, we allow you to use the service free of charge. Please note that the service is only a preliminary version of the not yet fully developed service "holi", which is expected to be made generally available only in a few weeks. The service that is the subject of this contract does not yet have all functions. Some functions and features are, for example by non-functioning buttons and hyperlinks, only hinted at, but not functional. Therefore, please note that the service may not be free of defects even in central components. We do not warrant the existence or functionality of the features shown, unless we have fraudulently concealed defects or declared a warranty for certain features.

  2. Duration of contract: The user contract begins with our confirmation by mail and runs for an indefinite period. It can be terminated by either party at any time without notice.

  3. Follow-on agreement for the final version of the Service: We may offer to maintain your registration to use the then final version of the Service under additional terms. If you do not agree to the additional terms, you must expect that we will exercise our right to terminate the agreement in accordance with Section 2.

  4. Your obligations

    1. When registering and during the use of the Service, you agree to provide only true and non-misleading information and to use only your real name and no pseudonyms or pen names.

    2. You acknowledge the binding nature of our community rules in the upper part and will comply with them. Furthermore, you are obligated to observe all applicable legal regulations and all rights of third parties. In particular, you are obligated not to post any insulting and/or untrue content on the service. You will also refrain from posting or advertising pornographic content, content that glorifies violence, abusive content, immoral content or content that violates youth protection laws. You will also refrain from unreasonably harassing other users of the service or third parties by means of the functions of the service, in particular by means of the messenger included (§ 7 UWG).

    3. If you violate or are suspected of violating the aforementioned rules, we are entitled to temporarily or permanently block your user account and/or to temporarily or permanently block the content in question.

    4. You grant us a non-exclusive right of use to all content that you post on the service to the extent necessary for the operation of the service. You guarantee that you are the owner of the necessary rights of use and indemnify us from all claims of third parties.

    5. The rights of use granted in accordance with Section 4.4 are unlimited in time and continue beyond the end of the term of the Agreement. They also apply to the final version of the service. If the user agreement is terminated and you request the deletion of your personal data, we will remove it from the content you have posted so that the actual contribution remains accessible. However, in this respect you waive your right to copyright attribution.

  5. Data protection: We collect, store and use your personal data only insofar as it is necessary for the implementation of the user contract, you have consented or we can cite a legitimate interest in data processing, unless your interest in not having the data processed outweighs this. The service offers all users the possibility to transmit their personal data in part or in whole to other users or to revoke the access to the data. The transmission of this data is at your own risk. You can find more details in our privacy policy.

  6. Choice of Law: German law shall apply.

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines