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We believe in the power of collaboration, transparency and community-driven development

But what exactly is Open Source and why is it important?

Open Source software development encourages inclusivity, creativity and mutual benefit. Unlike proprietary software, it invites everyone, from seasoned developers to beginners, to freely contribute, modify and enhance the source code. This democratic approach fosters innovation and collective progress.

Why Open Source matter to us

Why Open Source matter to us

Why Open Source matter to us

Innovation for and with community

Community-driven, we value your insights in shaping holi's future. Whether a student, hobbyist, or professional - you can actively participate with us.

Transparency and Trust

We trust that a transparent development process fosters user confidence. You're kept informed about a program's operations and future plans, avoiding uncertainty.

Community-Driven Support

We're forming a holi community for collaboration. When questions arise, our global support team - comprising developers and users - is ready to help.

Join our Community

Join our Community

Join our Community

Whether you're a developer, user, or simply curious about Open Source, find your place. Engage, ask, share – let's shape a tech future for good, accessible to all.

How you can contribute


If you love programming, contribute to our codebase. Your expertise can shape the features of tomorrow. Here you can learn how you can participate.


Want a specific feature? Spot a bug? Let us know! Your feedback is invaluable in making our software better. Please report any issues and ideas here.


Help us improve our user guides and documentation, ensuring that everyone can make the most out of our software. Here you can learn how you can participate.


You can help make holi more accessible worldwide by translating holi into other languages. Here you can learn how you can participate.


Even if you're not a developer, you can contribute by spreading awareness. Share our project with your friends, colleagues, and networks.

Get Started!

Get Started!

Get Started!

Embark on Open Source innovation with us today.